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Canadian Cannabis And Cultivation Forums

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Canadian Cannabis And Cultivation Forums

Something a bit different then what I normally write about! But being as I am Canadian and a lover of Cannabis this fits with myself. There have been a few Canadian Cannabis forums popping up since it was legalized, but so far none had caught my attention, until now.

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Budsnbeavers Cannabis And Cultivation Forums

What caught my attention straight away is the introduction post which you can see here:


Impressive the plans and take special note of this “Promoting, and encouraging the use of Blockchain in the Canadian Cannabis industry.” The posts especially guides are very well written and high quality, things are well organized and unlike other Canadian Cannabis forums there are not ads plastered all over the place. My only complaint would be there is no dark theme, hope that will change!

So if you are Canadian and love weed this may be a great place for you to hangout, get help, and see just how blockchain will come into play.

Be happy, toke a lot, peace out until next time!