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Changing Intensity On Nemos Miner

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Bitcoin Talk thread for NemosMiner:


I have been using this for awhile and it works great. I have been as of late mining DGB on 1080ti cards and this miner has the Alexis78 mod rolled in and uses that for the Skein algorithm. That mod is very efficient and tends to boost hashrate quite a bit. Intensity is set to 27 by default which I find a little too much as I am currently also using this PC as a daily driver. The higher intensity causes frequent hangs and crashes, it would probably be fine though if it was a dedicated rig.

I will be turning it down to 22 and here is how:

  • Locate ccminerAlexis78.ps1 in the Miners folder and open it up in a text editor.
  • Find:  

"skein" = " -d $SelGPUCC" #Skein

  • Change it to

"skein" = " -i 22 -d $SelGPUCC" #Skein

  • Restart your miner and check the output. You should now be at 22 for intensity.


Easy peasy 🙂


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