Easy Ravencoin Miner Monitoring And Alerts

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I see quite often people asking for an easy way to monitor their Ravencoin miner in the event it goes down or offline. Turns out there is a quite simple and easy way to do this as the miner includes an api which you can make listen on “all” addresses rather then just local. You can then use an external free monitoring service to check the port, if the miner crashes, dies, implodes or otherwise goes kaboom the port will close and the monitor will pick it up.


Notes: You need to have a static IP for this to work. If you don’t have a static IP you can probably set this in your router or ask your ISP for one.

Things You Will Need


Free option for notifications at bottom of this post.


Now in your .bat file that you use to start the miner add this flag:



Here is a full example:

ccminer-x64 -b -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://pool.threeeyed.info:3333 -u RTMBzft9gQ3P8E1BU9qdYFUWFKA88deJEx -p charliesharley1,stats,-d=14


Feel free to leave the wallet address the same 😛 Now when you start the miner again you will get a prompt from windows firewall asking if you want to allow access, this is normal and you can go ahead and allow it.

Note: Setting makes the api as read only mode, so if you actually use the api interface for management this option will not be for you.


Setting Up Pushover


  • Login and record “Your User Key
  • Install the app on phone and connect to your Pushover account


Setting Up StatusCake


Step One

Easy as cake! First thing is to setup a contact group so find Create Group. Set the name, and if you want a persistent alert such as to wake you up from that beer induced sleep then set repeat alert as much as you are brave. Now scroll down to integrations and select Pushover and save.


Step Two

  • Open Integrations from left menu
  • Add new 3rd party service, choose Pushover
  • Enter your Pushover key


Step Three

Go to Tests > New Test  > TCP.

  • Check rate: 5 Minutes
  • Host: Port: your IP | 4068 (if you don’t know your IP visit http://www.whatsmyip.org/)
  • Alert Delay Rate: I set this to 5 minutes
  • Confirmation Servers To Use: I also set this to 5



Save it and your test is now running. If it sees the port down you will receive Pushover notification to your mobile… KAWWWW!


The quick and dirty 100% free way.


  1. In your group contact settings instead of Pushover add an email address.
  2. Install eNotify Lite and set it up to notify you when an email from above address goes through. This can be set to override your phones volume / mute setting just like Pushover so you get notification no matter what.


I use Android and am not sure if something like eNotify Lite is available for other devices such as Apple.