This guide is designed for use with our Ravencoin Mining Pool so if not using our pool make sure to make the needed adjustment in the config.


Main Site:


Download and unZip it with your favorite extractor, 7zip works well.

Eth Monitoring is a comprehensive and powerful app for monitoring and managing your Ravencoin miners, you can even reboot a hung rig with it … awesome!


Why use Eth Monitor?


I cannot honestly think of a reason to not use it. The free version allows you to monitor and control your miners, setup alerts for GPU temperature and if a miner goes offline. Ability to reboot a rig, and a beautiful and easy to use app for your mobile so you have full control from anywhere. 


The main limitaton of the free version is one rig, but really Eth Monitor will save you much more then what it costs so it is well worth it to pay for premium if you need more then one rig.


Register An Account (free)

Head over to the main site and register an account, once done in the top menu go to account > account and on make a note of your access token.


Running And Configs


Now run Eth Monitor (EthControl.exe), if it complains about Net Framework you will need to install it:

Make sure you fill out your access token, worker name, and also start with Windows (optional but recommended).



Don’t start it yet, we need to first configure a miner. Go to Eth Control > Add new config. Fill out the fields and replace Command option with:

-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u RYFjgPdU3nj5jNhiQ8dSJdCppZS5wcmY4r.lappy -i 19 --donate 1 -N 300


Don’t forget to change the wallet address and .workername or you will be mining to my address which I won’t complain about 🙂



Add A Miner To Eth Monitor + Control

In the top Menu click “Miners” and on the following page you should now see your miner listed. Click on the yellow button. Now in the miner configuration drop down select the config you previously setup and “Set New Config”.



Get Ready Set Go!


Go ahead and click “Start” in Eth Monitor. You should now see it download, extract, and start the miner.