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How To Mine Plenteum

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Plenteum (PLE) is a new Cryptocurrency using the ASIC resistant Cryptonight Lite V1 Algorithm. The goal of Plenteum is to “create a lighter, faster chain by removing dust and utilizing this to sustain future mining rewards, and reducing fees.”


Note: Plenteum changes to a new algorithm as of today January 25, 2019. I have not had time to update this guide but have written a quick guide on how you can mine it with Ubuntu here:


Important Links



Bitcointalk ANN:

Plenteum Github:



Plenteum Block Explorer:


How To Mine Plenteum

First thing you will need is a Plenteum wallet. You can compile it or use supplied binaries and simply download + run, whatever floats your boat 🙂


Plenteum Wallet Setup


Update: There is now a windows GUI version available, this is recommended for Windows users.


Grab the binaries from here:

  • Unpack /unzip them
  • Start Plentiumd (Double click in Windows and ./Plenteumd in Linux / Mac)
  • Once it is fully synced start zedwallet with same method as previous step
  • Get a new address by typing “G” without the “”
  • Record the address you will need it for your miner

Important: Pay attention to the notes after creation, and store keys plus seed securely! It is recommended to store them off your PC on a USB and in an encrypted file. You can also print them off and store them somewhere.


Note: There are a couple additional steps for getting zedwallet to run on Ubuntu 18.


sudo dpkg -i libreadline6_6.3-8ubuntu2_amd64.deb

sudo apt install -f

rm libreadline6_6.3-8ubuntu2_amd64.deb


To Compile The Wallet (only needed if not using the binaries)

sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get upgrade -y
reboot (optional depending on what was actually updated. If kernel update then highly recommend you restart)
sudo apt-get install -y build-essential python-dev gcc g++ git cmake libboost-all-dev librocksdb-dev libreadline-dev
git clone -b master
cd plenteum
sudo chmod +x external/rocksdb/build_tools/
mkdir build && cd $_
cmake ..

Binaries are in build/src to start the daemon run ./Plenteumd from inside build/src and you should see it start to sync. If you have issues with syncing make sure you allow tcp port 44015/OUT.


Get A Miner (this guide currently only documents miner setup on Windows, but Linux should be pretty similar)



JCE Miner is very fast for CPU and also AMD based GPU, unfortunately Nvidia is not yet supported.

Get it here:


Chrome blocked the download on me, if this happens to you, you can fix it by:

– Top right corner > Settings > Scroll to bottom > Advanced
– Turn off “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites”

It is common for miners to be seen as malicious, there is a section in his thread dedicated to this as well if you would like to check that.

Before you do anything I suggest you add an exception in Windows Defender as well as your Anti-Virus for the folder that you keep the miner(s) in to save yourself a future headache.

Unpack the miner and open the “start.bat” file in your favorite text editor. start.bat as far as things you need to change is the same for CPU and GPU.

Change POOL= to your pool. For example:
Change PORT= to your pools port. For Example: PORT=44020
Change WALLET= to the address we generated in the Wallet part of the guide
PASSWORD=x You can leave as is or change it to define a worker name
FORK=4 (thanks Cryptomata!)

Note: Your pool may use different ports for CPU and GPU, this is something you should check with them

Save and double click the start.bat file to start your miner.


Plenteum Nvidia GPU Mining




Sample config:

"algo": "cryptonight-lite",
"api": {
"port": 0,
"access-token": null,
"worker-id": null,
"ipv6": false,
"restricted": true
"av": 0,
"background": false,
"colors": true,
"cpu-priority": null,
"donate-level": 1,
"log-file": null,
"max-cpu-usage": 75,
"pools": [
"url": "",
"user": "PLeawU8W3zA8C8Am1VB3rnbbMLf82njuERmuJ5gTytYVGmhNT5MUQrVMdDmHMaMRDBcyyi7nooMR4UcgoeW9EfqT1nQkzqKpuj",
"pass": "x1",
"keepalive": true,
"nicehash": false,
"variant": "1"
"print-time": 60,
"retries": 5,
"retry-pause": 5,
"safe": false,
"syslog": false,
"threads": null


Note: If you set “donate-level”: 0, it will default to 5 in the miner. So I suggest you leave it at 1 or higher 🙂 (thanks to 0nslaught for catching this.)

Plenteum Mining Pools

Official Pool:

Other Pools:


Important: It is important for the health and well-being of the network that hash is spread across pools. If you see a pool has 40% or more of the overall network hash please choose a smaller pool.


If you run into issues and need help hop on the Plenteum Discord, lots of active and helpful people there 🙂