I see this question multiple times daily in Discord, Reddit, social media, etc. So I made a video outlining what I think are good points to consider when picking a Ravencoin mining pool, and things to watch out for. Sorry for the quality, it is actually the first video I have ever made, future videos will be better quality 🙂


Here is quick summary of what is covered:


  • Hardware: What a pool requires to run at its best and what and why we use what we use for Virtopia.
  • Network: Latency explained and the latency you should be shooting for. You find out latency by running ping and or tracert tests to the pools URL in your miners config file.
  • DDOS Protection: Absolutely needed and I would not consider a pool that does not use it.
  • Backups And Recovery
  • Avoiding bad or scam pools, what to lookout for.
  • Fee VS No Fee



Hope this helps some people make good choice on a Ravencoin mining pool!