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Kickassd – The King Of Crypto Hosts

By October 3, 2018 December 26th, 2018 No Comments

Disclaimer: Those of you that know me from Discord may or may not know that I am involved with Kickassd. Does that make me biased, probably. Does it diminish the fact that Kickassd offers what I would say is top of the pile world class webhosting and performance that easily puts them in the top 5% of webhosts, I hope not!


Super happy to say that Kickassd finally offers Crypto as a payment option for their hosting services. I will keep it simple and to the point, here is a small list of what makes Kickassd “King Of Crypto Hosts“:


 Crypto Enthusiasts Through And Through: Where else will you find a hosting provider whom you can chat with and ask about Crypto VIA chat or ticket? You can’t!


Easy Peasy: One click installs for tons of different apps such as WordPress and 200+ others. It literally takes about 10 minutes from the time order goes through until you can have a website up and running.


 Performance That Outperforms: Kickassd has a highly tuned and super efficient environment focused on speed, stability, and security. It achieves these goals admirably. Where else will you find a webhost that can handle 2k concurrent users on a $8/mo plan? I have yet to see it, 2k concurrent users can cripple a VPS or dedicated server just running that one site.


 It’s Elastic!: Usually on shared hosting you are given a small portion of resources, if you exceed those resources your are forced / upsold into getting a VPS which is a massive price increase. Kickassd is different … much different. At Kickassd if you are maxing out resources you simply add more, really like you have your own VPS/Cloud server but with the convenience and cost of shared hosting. CPU, Ram, Transfer, SSD space, all can be scaled up as needed, and even back down again.


 Value Added: Where to start 🙂 Free backups that you can manage yourself going back 30 days, free server level caching (Opcode + LsCache), killer anti-spam protection (Magic Spam Pro), Free SSL for all domains. You don’t find a stack of perks like that at no cost unless that stack is a stack of pancakes at grandmas house!


Did I mention Kickassd is super Crypto friendly, all staff are enthusiasts, and believers in the tech, the idea, and future of crypto. Give it a shot!


To order hosting with Crypto simply go to, pick a plan and on the payment page select “Pay With Crypto!”.

If you run into issues or have questions give me a shout over at our Discord!