Virtopia Masternode FAQ (work in progress)


Can I host something other then a masternode?

Yes, but illegal material, mining scripts, sending spam, or using the VPS as a seedbox will result in immediate suspension.


How can I get support?

There is live chat on the site, email ([email protected]) and of course Discord.


Are there backups?

No. This service is kept as cheap as possible and your masternode VPS is not backed up, I do not recommend storing your families precious photos on it. The servers do all run either RAID 5 or RAID 10 so there is some tolerance on disk failure.


Am I allowed more then one IPv4?

On plans MN1024 and larger you can have up to 5 IPv4 on your VPS. Each one costs $1/mo.


Is there IPv6?

No. IPv6 is not recommended for masternodes at this time as it weakens the network. In the future when IPv6 adoption is greater and will not weaken the network we will add them as an option.


Will you help me setup my MN?

Sure, always happy to help. Note that this is not part of your service and support, I provide this help because I enjoy it and it is on a best effort basis.


I broke my VPS or it is down will you fix it?

I will try and help but I am not required to do so and if I do not have time I may not be able to. This service is unmanaged and unless your VPS is down due to an issue with our servers or network I am not required to help you fix it. Rebuilding your VPS is always an option to get you back online.