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Masternode Setup And Monitoring Service

By September 2, 2018 Masternode Guides

Masternodes are a great way to make passive income, but for many cryptos and potential investors the setup and maintenance is a bit too technical and complicated. The most important key factors for a Masternode are:

  1. Uptime: If your MN is not running it is not making you money.
  2. Stability: There are various reasons a VPS and or Masternode daemon can crash or become to slow to do its job properly.
  3. Maintenance: Keeping the daemons and server itself are key factors to maintain pints 1 and 2

I will setup your Masternode, make sure it is running properly, and on request also monitor it and respond to any downtimes.

Virtopia Masternode Setup Service

This service gives you peace of mind, you get what a Masternode should be which is a “set and forget” service. Prices are given in USD but of course I will accept many different types of Crypto as well 🙂

Masternode Setup Price: $20 (one time fee)

— I will setup your Masternode and make sure it and your local wallet are connecting properly. Operating system is also updated at this time. The VPS provider I recommend for Masternodes at this time is Vultrtheir setup is the most compatible with majority of Masternodes I have setup. The $5/mo VPS is usually good for 2-3 Masternodes. I will not setup a Masternode on a home or residential connection.


Masternode Monitoring And Response (24/7)


Price (self hosted) ($10/mo per VPS, max 3 Masternodes per VPS) 

–Self Hosted: This means you purchase and maintain the billing / payments for the VPS, price does not include VPS cost.

Price (hosted) $15/mo 3 Masternodes per VPS

— Hosted: We take care of everything, VPS provisioning, billing, setup, etc.

  • Masternode daemon service is double monitored. Internal monitoring checks to make sure it is running, if it is found to be down it is automatically restarted. External monitor checks port availability if found to be down notification is pushed to my mobile.
  • Overall server health is monitored (filesystem, CPU, RAM, Swap use) and if problem is found I am alerted VIA email.
  • I respond and fix issues 24/7.


Important Notes And Information

Any VPS that I manage for you, you will not have su (superuser) or root access. It is not needed and in y experience just results in things getting broken. You are provided with SSH access as the user that runs the Masternode should you need that for some reason.

All Masternodes that I setup use a coldwallet. This means no funds are stored on the VPS, they are stored on your wallet only. There is no information on the masternode that can be used to access your funds or steal rewards.


I am available for contact on Live Chat, Discord, Twitter, and email. Live Chat is during normal business hours 9am to 5pm GMT -4 Monday to Friday. Discord is the same but I am also active there after and before normal business hours.