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Plenteum Finders Keepers Round One

By January 20, 2019 No Comments

How Do I Win?

There are 3 posts on Virtopia about Plenteum 2 + this one. In these posts I have bolded select characters. You must find all of these characters (16 total) and combine them into the correct phrase, when correctly assembled the phrase will give you a download link here on, inside of this file (there is a subtle hint for you) you will find a .txt that contains a wallets keys which you can use to restore it. More then one bolded character in a row are not part of the contest, you should only use single bolded characters.

This wallet contains 200,000 PLE. The first one to restore the wallet and make the funds SAFU wins. The 16 characters only comprise the last part of the URL, the rest of the URL will always be

Example: (the bolded part is the part you are trying to figure out)

When does it start?

If you are reading this it already has, the top of this page will have a notice when there is a winner. After one hour if nobody has won I will start dropping hints at random 🙂


Good luck!