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Raptoreum The Next Big Thing In Cryptocurrency For 2019?

By December 14, 2018 December 26th, 2018 No Comments

Why Is Raptoreum so exciting? There is actually quite a list:

1.) Innovation – So many Cryptocurrency projects out there right now are not covering a real world use case / niche, they don’t bring any innovation, Raptoreum does, and in bunches.

2.) GhostRider – A new and innovative algorithm meant to prevent FPGA and ASIC from being on the network. Today more then ever this is importatnt especially with the re-emergence of FPGA in force. GhostRider combines the randomizing of Ravencoins X16R with all eight of the Cryptonight algorithms. An algorithm like this has not previously been seen and should be a potent combination for the ASIC and FPGA resistance goal.

3.) Ravencoins assets system combined with smart contracts. This takes away the centralization of the assets system in a way and opens it up to new markets such as DAPP developers and industries that require being able to transfer assets with automation and defined triggers (smart contracts). Again a first of its kind, given the growth and attention assets and tokenization are getting, this is a huge step towards mass adoption.

4.) Masternodes that actually play a role, and an important one or maybe even two (see #5). Masternodes are used to handle smart contracts, storing, executing, verifying, etc. This system avoids adding contracts to blocks which opens up greater flexibility and also avoids the scaling issues that Ethereum has been plagued with. This also allows a greater variety of programming languages to be used and a larger contract size.

5.) Network protection VIA Masternodes. There is discussion on a system that allows Masternodes to pull double duty, and protect the network, against for example 51% attacks and double spends. Again innovative, and if it can be pulled off a huge step towards mass adoption. Why? Because the fact that you can offer assurance that the network is better protected garners confidence in investors and adopters.

6.) Timing – Winter is here in the Crypto world, but it has not stopped innovation, adoption, and a whole slew of big players from jumping in the game. When winter ends, and it will, Raptoreum is poised to ride that glorious wave into 2019.

This is such an exciting time, all of us involved with Crypto and pushing its adoption, participating in innovative projects, and giving ourselves to something larger then ourselves are making history. We are the pioneers, the bringers of change. the weavers of the patterns of time.

Raptoreum is going to be one hell of a ride, don’t miss it!







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