Great meetup where key questions were answered and a definitive feel for what the project is about and where it is headed!


Those Present (left to right)

 Kai: Community Manager


 Tron Black: Developer

Tron is lead software engineer for Medici Ventures and has been involved with Cryptocurrency since 2013.

AngelList Profile

Video On ICO Trading

Tron is quite well known throughout the upper echelons of the Cryptocurrency community.


 Bruce Fenton: The man that makes the ball roll

The voice of Ravencoin, this man needs no introduction. Very well known and respected throughout the Crypto community.


 Joel Weight: Developer

CTO at Medici Ventures, follow him on Twitter


Also present was the elusive BigZim:



MTarget was also there but was even more elusive and not to be seen. You can watch the meetup here: Ravencoin Meetup 2018-02-17


Stream provided by MTarget Productions, thanks!