Great meetup where key questions were answered and a definitive feel for what the project is about and where it is headed!


Those Present (left to right)

 Kai: Community Manager


 Tron Black: Developer

Tron is lead software engineer for Medici Ventures and has been involved with Cryptocurrency since 2013.

AngelList Profilehttps://angel.co/tron-black

Video On ICO Tradinghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAnQWHTRCdc

Tron is quite well known throughout the upper echelons of the Cryptocurrency community.


 Bruce Fenton: The man that makes the ball roll

The voice of Ravencoin, this man needs no introduction. Very well known and respected throughout the Crypto community.


 Joel Weight: Developer

CTO at Medici Ventures, follow him on Twitter


Also present was the elusive BigZim:



MTarget was also there but was even more elusive and not to be seen. You can watch the meetup here: Ravencoin Meetup 2018-02-17


Stream provided by MTarget Productions, thanks!