A quick breakdown and explanation of our Ravencoin mining pool UI.


Commonly asked is about pending shares and balance, it is explained below but for your convenience here is the flow:

Pending balance is your accumulated shares to be applied to next found block(s). Once a block is found and fully confirmed, pending shares in converted to and moved to pending balance. After 10 minutes pending balance is paid and that amount is moved and added to paid balance.


Main Page – http://pool.virtopia.ca or http://pool.virtopia.ca/stats.html

Self explanatory 🙂


Miners – http://pool.virtopia.ca/miners.html

The hash rate reported on this page update every five minutes. S/s = shares per second


Dashboard  http://pool.virtopia.ca/dashboard.html

This page updates every five minutes.

  • Pending Shares: Shares you have submitted that will be applied to next found block(s). Once a block is found and fully (100%) confirmed pending shares is moved to pending balance.
  • Pending Balance: Ravens waiting to be paid out. Payment is sent 10 minutes after block is fully confirmed at which the amount is moved and added to Paid Balance.
  • Paid Balance: Total amount you have been paid by the pool.
  • Lifetime Balance: Shows total of Paid Balance and Pending Balance. This will be removed soon to make room for something more useful.


Blocks – http://pool.virtopia.ca/blocks.html

This page is refreshed automatically every minute, and when a block is hit you will here chaching!

  • Time: Shows time block was hit. This displays time based on your browsers time.
  • Block Height: The block number
  • Confirmation: Shows how “mature” the block is, once at a 100% (101 confirms on chain) it will be paid out after 10 minutes.
  • Effort: Basically this is “luck”. This number represents > accumulated shares for the block divided by the block difficulty.
  • Confirmed: Changes from pending to confirmed at 100% confirmation.
  • Reward: Shows block reward before pool fee. Actual reward after 1% fee is 4950 RVN.