The ever increasing interest in Crypto and Blockchain has also created a matching increase in scammers and inevitably shady Crypto projects designed to relieve people of their hard earned money.  To help combat this I have started a Crypto vetting service where I will do a deep dive on projects for a fee. This service is designed to help people looking to invest time, money, mining, etc into a project make a well informed decision.

This service is NOT to be taken as financial advice, and in no way guarantees a project is safe to invest in, but again it should assist in making a well informed decision, and reduce risk.

How does this Crypto vetting service work?

Upon receiving payment and project name I begin intensively researching all aspects of the project, such as:

  • The team behind it: I make every effort to contact core team members and devs to talk with them about the project. Each member is thoroughly investigated through Github activity, social media, prior experience, chat history (Discord, Telegram, etc). If real names are available these are also investigated. Past experience and projects are also checked.
  • Project structure and features: Is the project a simple copy and paste from another project and not offering anything new, yet putting on a ICO, or heavy pre-mine? That is an example of a common template used on scam projects. This is one of many things that I check for in regards to features and structure.
  • Project history and future: Not all projects that cost people money are designed from to start to steal $. Some start off with gusto and great intentions, then over time proceed to fall on their face and die. Investing in a project that is on its way down usually is not going to end well, I take this into account and check for multiple indicators that a project is not going well.
  • Development, targets, roadmaps, innovation, etc: Scammy projects are often lackluster when it comes to these things. They want to put in minimum effort for maximum gain, often site, code, apps, etc are simply copy and paste with very little changes and nothing contributed back or added. Even so targets are often missed and roadmaps adjusted.

How long does it take?

I prefer to have a full week to perform my investigation as it is a time intensive process, especially contacting individual members of a team. This window can be trimmed down if absolutely necessary.

What do I receive?

Upon completion you are e-mailed a detailed report covering every aspect of the investigation with a final score of 1-10, the lower the number, the lower the risk.

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