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Virtopias Desert Combat Final Matches (Ravencoin Rewards)


Desert Combat and Desert Combat Final are Battlefield 1942 mods and were massively popular back in the day, and even now have a devout following. I love the game, always have and always will, and decided to couple that with my love of Ravencoin.


Weekly Matches With RVN As Prize


I will as time allows be putting on matches during the week, usually this will be on the weekend. Here are a few of the match formats and these may change depending on how many people are interested.


  1. Last man standing: The most fun is with knives but there will be times we have it with other weapons such as sniper rifles and who knows maybe even choppers.
  2. CTF 3 VS 3: Capture the enemies flag best of 3 matches.
  3. 1 VS 1 Round Robin: Knives and possibly Apaches


Ravencoin Rewards


Still deciding but most likely 500 to winner  or winning team 3 vs 3. Subject to change depending on RVN prices! 😀


Installing The Game And Mods


Download these: (I have scanned these with multiple scanners to make sure they are clean)


BF 1942 > https://virtopia.ca/dcf/Battlefield 1942 WWII Anthology HD.zip

DC > https://virtopia.ca/dcf/DesertCombat0.7FullInstall.exe

DCF > https://virtopia.ca/dcf/dc_final_client.exe

Alternate Mirror

BF 1942 > https://nofile.io/f/q0NEFZToMJb/Battlefield+1942+WWII+Anthology+HD.zip
DC > https://nofile.io/f/8V6arWNzJ4D/DesertCombat0.7FullInstall.exe
DCF > https://nofile.io/f/auCeKFdcU9g/dc_final_client.exe


Install them in the same order. Now because of the age of this game there may be a little tweeking to get it working well on Windows 10.


Tweek One (do this before trying to start the game)


When you installed BF 1942 it created a shortcut. Right click that shortcut > Properties > Compatibility. Choose Windows XP Service Pack 3, and at bottom click Change Settings For All Users.



Now run the game using that shortcut which will apply the settings to the actual exe. Close the game as this is actually just the base game and not the mods (DC and DCF).You should have a shortcut for DCF in your start menu or desktop, use that to launch the game.

If you get a black screen when launching and it stays that way you may need to apply this fix:



When the game loads I suggest you create a custom profile and go to “Options” where you can set video and audio etc. Because this game is old and designed for XP don’t expect that you can play it at todays resolutions or it will be rough. 1200×800 works pretty well for me.


On the select server screen check the bottom and make sure “Enable Punkbuster” is NOT selected. 


Add Our Server

Multiplayer > Select server screen > Add Server.



Port: 14567 


I highly suggest you join us in our Discord as that will be where I announce times and dates for matches, there will also be a voice channel for while matches are going on. I hope enough of you are interested to make this fun!


Discord: https://discord.gg/28bYtAJ


Server Rules

On CTF maps no C4 or mines anywhere near the flags.