I will be holding these events fairly regular in our Discord as they are great fun! Basically you try to guess the next block that the pool will hit. Closest guess wins, easy!


Keep an eye out on our pool site for a notice that states when each contest will happen.


Guess The Block Rules

  • You must be mining on the pool before the contest begins
  • You are required to mine on the pool until four blocks after the guessed block. Payment is not sent until I verify this, so stay mining!
  • In our Discord when I ask people to send me their wallet address you have 10 minutes to send it or your spot will be lost
  • Once I say “Submit your guesses” you have 5 minutes to submit your guess
  • If the effort on the block goes over 300% I double the prize from 500 RVN to 1000 RVN
  • If you are within 5 blocks you win an additional 200 RVN


You can use our Explorer to check current blocks and new blocks in real time: https://exp.virtopia.ca


Have fun and good luck!