With all of the RavenCoin mining pools popping up as well as established pools, why would you want to use Virtopia? There are numerous reasons, bear with me while I go through them and explain.


Community Reputation: I have been an active member of the RavenCoin community since close to the start. Starting out as a regular member I then moved up to Community leader followed by Moderator. If you frequent the RavenCoin Discord you will know me as Charlie.


Skills And Experience: I am a systems administrator by day and crypto lover by night. I know what it takes to setup a site or application for best performance, scaling, recovery, security and uptime. My partner is an absolute guru when it comes to coding, spending his days in Assembly, C#, C++, Java, PHP, and tons of DBA work. Combined we bring some great skills and experience to the table.


Tech: We use Miningcore as our pool stratum, and at this time I think are the only RavenCoin pool using it. Miningcore is extremely fast, stable, and flexible. It has built in advantages over other pools that allows us to consistently hit more blocks with less orphans. Our servers utilize an industry first Cloud SSD storage system that provides better IO performance then a regular dedicated SSD. Very important for a pool! Latency is important (your miners time to reach the server over the net) and we know this. We have multiple edge locations in the USA and Europe and you are automatically routed to the closest one based on your location, for best possible network performance.


Here you can see an example of latency to the pool from different locations. As you can see it is excellent for EU, and North America, and even good for much of Asia.


Failover, High Availability, And Recovery: The different parts of our pool are separated on their own servers. Daemons, stratum, database, are all separated. This allows for better performance, scaling, and quick recovery. Each of our servers is hosted in the cloud with high availability, and automatic failover. Snapshots of every server are regularly taken which allow instant recovery in the case of a catastrophic failure.


Payments: We use PPLNS as our payment system. This system has no benefit for pool hoppers and instead rewards loyal and long-term miners.


Monitoring: Every server and service needed for the pool to operate is monitored. We know immediately if there is an issue. Rain, snow, middle of the night, or participating in Naked And Afraid, we will respond quickly to get things running again.


Continuous Development: We do not stop trying to make the pool better. We listen to you and implement changes and features based on what we hear.


Tricks: There are multiple tricks that a pool owner can utilize in order to give the pool an edge in finding blocks and reducing orphans.

We are not in this for a quick buck, and you won’t find us giving away 1080ti cards trying to attract miners. I believe the proof is in the pudding, and that if we invest our selves directly into making the pool the best it possibly can be then it will be seen and recognized for what it is.

If this has not convinced you or you have any questions please head on over to our Discord and hit myself or one of our friendly Moderators up, we would love to hear from you!


Did I convince you and you are ready to give us a shot? Great! Head over to the pool at http://pool.virtopia.ca and check out the “Connect” page for quick connect information.