Raptoreum is an upcoming mineable Cryptocurrency that offers an easy to use and flexible asset platform which is further expanded through the addition of smart contracts. This project is packed full of innovation and very exciting. They recently rolled out there “GhostRider” algorithm which combines elements of x16R and Moneros CryptoNight algorithms, this offers very good resistance against FPGA and ASIC.

Innovation is key in todays cryptosphere, in fact when looking for new projects it should be one of the first questions you ask yourself “are they innovating?” Raptoreum is, and here are some of the innovative features incoming or already added and unique only to Raptoreum.

  • Custom algorithm code named GhostRider, built for Raptoreum by Raptoreum.
  • Prysm – A custom 51% / double spend protection system. Once well tested this will be made open-source so other projects can benefit from it.
  • Smart Contracts – As far as I know Raptoreum will be the first project to add smart contracts to the BTC codebase, this massively expands the asset layer usefulness. On chain trustless transfers.
  • Asset Layer Expansion – Expanding capabilities of asset layer with smart contracts, decay function, and ability to lock coins into an asset and have them auto-release on a given date or block height.
  • Custom wallet cache system that greatly increases load speed when you open it.
  • Custom reward and emission schedule, that greatly smooths the curve.
  • New masternode system that makes matsernodes useful again, not only useful but they work hard as they are responsible for Prysm and smart contracts.
  • Coins spent on creating tokens are not burnt, instead they are fed back into the ecosystem and used to enhance rewards.


Mining Raptoreum Testnet

There are continuous weekly mining contests where active testnet miners can earn real RTM. How does this work since the project is still in testnet and there are no real RTM coins yet? If you are a winner you are sent an IOU token(s) using Ravencoin, once RTM mainnet is live the IOUs will be paid out. For this reason you must have a Ravencoin address to claim your IOUs. This method was chosen as it is completely transparent.


How To Mine Raptoreum On Testnet

At this time Raptoreum is CPU only though a GPU miner is being developed, it also only has a Linux wallet available, but do not worry Windows users it is still easy to get started. There is a post on how to get started here: https://medium.com/@kawwwoin/raptoreum-testnet-mining-information-and-resources-9224dd44b533

This is an excellent opportunity to fill some RTM bags leading up to mainnet which is in August, it also strengthens the project which is a win for everybody involved from miners to investors to the community and team.

Here is an example of how the mining contest works, this is from the one running at the time of writing this:

mining contest May 03 2019 to May 10 2019

Start height: 10270

Finish Height: 20350

Lucky Blocks: 10300, 15555, 16666, 17778, 20350

Lucky block reward: 2 x 1k RTM IOU

Random address draws (block hitters):

7 Random block hitter reward: 1k RTM IOU

How it works: Any address that hits a block is automatically entered in the contest. Once the weekly 7 day cycle ends 7 addresses are drawn (block hitters) and can claim there RTM IOU worth 1k RTM payable after mainnet. Addresses that hit a "lucky block" win 2 x 1k RTM IOU. You must have a Ravencoin address to claim your IOU token!


Join The Community

Raptoreum has a good sized community which is steadily growing and very active, currently Discord is the most active but there is also Telegram.

Discord: https://discord.gg/2T8xG7e

Telegram: https://t.me/raptoreumm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/raptoreum